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Fiscal Operations Plan

NEI Funding Policy FY2023

Competing Applications

The mission of the National Eye Institute is to eliminate vision loss and improve quality of life through vision research.  NEI does not have a set pay line. For each council round, the NEI ranks applications by percentile and priority score within each of the programmatic areas and establishes a funding range and pay plan with the goal of ensuring a balanced scientific portfolio. Funding decisions are based on scientific merit as determined by peer review, current scientific priorities outlined in the NEI Strategic Plan, representation of diverse perspectives, commitment to the NIH Next Generation Research Initiative, recommendations from the National Advisory Eye Council, and availability of funds. 

Non-competing Applications

NEI will generally award non-competing (Type 5) grant applications at the commitment level indicated on the Notice of Award.

Both Competing and Non-competing applications will be awarded in accordance with the NIH Notice of Fiscal Policies in Effect for 2023.

Last updated: April 21, 2023