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2018 NIH Summer Poster Day Participants

2018 Summer Poster Day

NEI Poster Day Participants (from left to right): Front row: Jenn Liao, Adriana Mendez, Kavya Parekh, Erin Cullather, Geena Woo, Natalia Diaz Torres, Mariya Ahmed, Enat Ayele, Fatima Gomez, Takerra Johnson, Nicole Pannullo, Priya Agrawal. Second row: Shenandoah Toote, Michelle Du, Nia Rudolph, Justin Chang, Kavya Bhattiprolu, Luke Nelson, Oluchi Ogbonna, Chris Acha. Back row: Nyusha Lin, Neo Zhao, Tamir Odzorig, Haig Pakhchanian, Hannah Bush, Brian Peng, Jennifer Zhu, Andrew Kalra, Anne Warburton, Chris Acha.

The NIH Summer Poster Day provides an opportunity for summer interns to share their accomplishments with the NIH community as well as family and friends. The following thirty-one students from the NEI presented their research at the event:

Chris Acha
HiSTEP 2.0
The Role of NOX4 in RPE Cell Migration
University of Maryland, College Park (Maryland)
Dr. Kapil Bharti, Dr. Karla Barbosa, Mr. Justin Chang, Preceptors


Priya Agrawal
Expression of the Atypical Chemokine Receptor 1 (Ackr1) in the Retina
University of Maryland, College Park (Maryland)
Dr. Laura Campello, Dr. Samantha Papal, Dr. Anand Swaroop, Preceptors

Mariya Ahmed
CSDE1: A Critical Determinant in Eye and Brain Development?
Marriotts Ridge High School (Maryland)
Dr. Robert Hufnagel, Mr. Jimmy Liu, Preceptors

Enat Ayele

Characterization of Extracellular Vesicles Generated by ARPE-19 Cells during Differentiation
Montgomery Blair High School (Maryland)
Mr. Todd Duncan, Dr. William Samuel, Dr. R. Krishnan Kutty, Dr. T. Michael Redmond, Preceptors

Kavya Bhattiprolu
Clinical and Genetic Characteristics of Patients with Albinism at the National Eye Institute
Winston Churchill High School (Maryland)
Ms. Amy Turriff, Dr. Robert Hufnagel, Ms. Keyla Bordonada, Preceptors

Hannah Bush Image

Hannah Bush
Improving a Neural Network's Accuracy and Precision for High Content Shape Metrics Based Drug Screen on Retinal Pigment Epithelium
Winston Churchill High School (Maryland)
Dr. Nathan Hotaling, Dr. Laryssa Huryn, Preceptors

Justin Chang
NOX4 Mediates Mechanical Injury-induced Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition in Retinal Pigment Epithelium
Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine (Virginia)
Dr. Kapil Bharti, Dr. Karla Barbosa, Preceptors

Erin Cullather
In vivo and in vitro Evaluation of Virally-delivered miRNA on the Neuroprotection of Retinal Ganglion Cells and the Regeneration of Their Axons
University of New Hampshire (New Hampshire)
Dr. Ben Mead, Dr. Stanislav Tomarev, Preceptors

Natalia Diaz Torres image

Natalia Diaz Torres

Mutations in PMSD5, a Proteasomal non-ATPase Subunit, Result in Coloboma and Vertebral Defects
University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine (Puerto Rico)
Dr. Vijay Kalaskar, Dr. Tiziana Cogliati, Dr. Brian Brooks, Preceptors

Michelle Du
Investigating Polarization of Cone Connecting Cilia in the Ground Squirrel
Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (Virginia)
Dr. Wei Li, Dr. John Ball, Dr. Chen Shan, Dr. Juan Angueyra-Aristizabal, Preceptors

Fatima Gomez

Role of aa108-125 Amphipathic Helix Residues in C112 Palmitoylation of RPE65 Retinol Isomerase
White Swan High School (Washington)
Dr. Sheetal Uppal, Dr. Michael Redmond, Preceptors

Takerra Johnson

Characterization of Extracellular Vesicles Derived from Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells
Morehouse School of Medicine (Georgia)
Dr. Robert Hufnagel, Preceptor

Andrew Kalra
Evaluating Phosphorylation Levels of p38 MAP Kinase in CD8+ T Cells in Uveitis Patients by Flow Cytometry in Whole Blood
University of California, Los Angeles (California)
Dr. Benjamin Chaigne-Delalande, Preceptor

Hima Konduru
Metabolic Changes Associated with Overactive Inflammasome Function
University of Maryland, College Park (Maryland)
Dr. Kumarkrishna Raychaudhuri, Dr. Rachel Caspi, Preceptors

Jennifer Liao
Analysis of Morphological and Distributional Alterations in Aging Microglia
Penn State College of Medicine (Pennsylvania)
Dr. Wai Wong, Dr. Lian Zhao, Dr. Jorge Cueva-Vargas, Preceptors

Nyusha Lin
Molecular and Morphological Characterization of iPS Cell-derived Retinal Pigment Epithelium Used for 3D Organellar Mapping of Cells
Sidwell Friends School (District of Columbia)
Dr. Kapil Bharti, Mr. Davide Ortolan, Preceptors

Nidhi Mathew  image

Nidhi Mathew
The Role of IL-34 in the Pathogenesis of Autoimmune Uveitis
University of Maryland, College Park (Maryland)
Dr. Mary Mattapallil, Dr. Rachel Caspi, Preceptors

Adriana Mendez

Lygodactylus as a Model Organism for Foveal Development
University of Medicine and Health Sciences (St. Kitts)
Dr. Temesgen Fufa, Dr. Robert Hufnagel, Preceptors

Luke Nelson

ABCA4 Subcellular Localization in iPSC-derived RPE Cells
Columbia University (New York)
Dr. Kapil Bharti, Dr. Mitra Farnoodian, Preceptors

Tamir Odzorig
Development of a Robust, Transferable, and Reproducible Protocol for the Bioprinting of Vascularized Tissue
Walter Johnson High School (Maryland)
Dr. Min Jae Song, Dr. Kapil Bharti, Mr. Chris Hampton, Mr. Russell Quinn, Preceptors

Oluchi Ogbonna Image

Oluchi Ogbonna

Retinal Overexpression of s100b Regulates Ocular Autoimmune inflammation
Bryn Mawr School (Maryland)
Dr. Charles Egwuagu, Dr. Cheng-Rong Yu, Preceptors

Nicole Pannullo

Investigating the Mechanism of Visual Cycle RPE65
Rochester Institute of Technology (New York)
Dr. Eugenia Poliakov, Dr. Michael Redmond, Preceptors

Kavya Parekh, Anne Warburton
ATAC-Seq as a Research Tool to Understand Chromosomal Architecture in Disease Models
Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (Virginia), Stone Ridge School (Maryland)
Dr. Ramakrishna Alur, Dr. Tiziana Cogliati, Dr. Brian Brooks, Preceptors

Brian Peng
Quantitative and Topographical Relationship between ipRGs and S-Cones
Farmington High School (Connecticut)
Dr. Wei Li, Dr. Franciso Manuel Nadal-Nicolas, Preceptors

Nia Rudolph

A Quantification of Horizontal Cell Connections in Zebrafish
Tulane University (Louisiana)
Dr. Juan Angueyra-Aristizabal, Dr. Wei Li, Preceptors

Tishina Tittley
Optimization of Liposome-binding Assays to Assess Specificity and Activity of RPE65-Membrane Interaction
Howard University College of Medicine (District of Columbia)
Dr. Sheetal Uppal, Dr. T. Michael Redmond, Preceptors

Shenandoa Toote

Analysis Of AMPA-induced Retinal Cell Death in Wild-type And VWC2L Knockout Zebrafish
University of Miami (Florida)
Dr. Naoki Nakaya, Dr. Stanislav Tomarev, Preceptors

Elizabeth Geena Woo
Visualization of Genetic Variants toward Pathogenicity Assessment and Clinical Interpretation
Brown University (Rhode Island)
Dr. Robert Hufnagel, Dr. Bin Guan, Dr. David McGaughey, Preceptors

Neo Zhao image

Neo Zhao
Activation of Transcription Factors Essential for RPE with CRISPRa in HDF Cells and Using Zebularine as a Possible Enhancer
Montgomery Blair High School (Maryland)
Dr. Lijin Dong, Dr. Guangpu Shi, Preceptors

Jennifer Zhu
Postnatal Development of the Cone-dominated Ground Squirrel Retina
Winston Churchill High School (Maryland)
Dr. Vincent Kunze, Dr. Wei Li, Preceptors

Last updated: April 8, 2020