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Eye on the Future Teen Video Contest Winners

In 2022, NEI launched the Eye on the Future Teen Video Contest to hear what the next generation of scientists is up to. We asked teens to share their favorite science experiments, discuss impactful scientific discoveries, and showcase live science demonstrations. We received over 40 submissions from individual teens and groups! 

Get to know these future scientists and how they’re making an impact in the world of science.  

This year’s contest will have a different focus. We’re asking for short videos about science in your world, in the field or lab, or in your future.

Learn how to enter this year’s contest. And be sure to check back in the spring as we’ll be posting the 2023 winning videos here!

Meet our 2022 winners!

Meenakshi Ambati

Meenakshi Ambati is a high school senior with an eye on the future of macular degeneration treatment! Her award-winning video shares an association between atrophic macular degeneration and the medicine fluoxetine, also known as Prozac.

Sanjana Kumar

Sanjana Kumar is a high school sophomore with a passion for keeping people safe on the road! Sanjana’s research uses human blink patterns (or eye aspect ratios) to identify when drivers are drowsy or distracted. She hopes to turn this research into a consumer-facing vehicle device to prevent accidents.

Last updated: January 20, 2023