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NEHEP Partnership

The NEHEP Partnership is a national network of more than 60 public and private organizations committed to eye health education.

The Partnership aims to establish relationships between NEI and its members to:

  • Promote critical eye health messages
  • Share the latest eye research findings
  • Communicate with key audiences

To learn about current NEHEP partners, visit the NEHEP Partnership Directory.

If you have a question or would like to explore having your organization join the NEHEP Partnership, please email us at

Partnership levels

NEHEP partners can engage at 3 different levels: contributors, collaborators, and ambassadors.

NEI and NEHEP created these levels to help set expectations, clarify partner responsibilities, and let partners know how they can engage with NEHEP. Partners can decide on the partnership level that makes sense for them based on their interests, priorities, and capabilities.


Contributors are responsible for:

  • Sharing NEHEP information with stakeholders
  • Promoting NEI and NEHEP eye health resources at conferences and other events
  • Supporting 2 to 3 of NEHEP’s month-long health observances by sharing information with their networks
  • Providing updates for the NEHEP newsletter, the Eye Health Connection


Collaborators have all the responsibilities of a contributor, and are also responsible for:

  • Helping to create NEHEP resources
  • Collaborating on the development of outreach and training activities
  • Integrating NEHEP messages and resources into their programs and activities
  • Participating in the evaluation of NEHEP programs and materials


Ambassadors have all the responsibilities of a collaborator, and are also responsible for:

  • Working with other NEHEP partners to share resources
  • Participating in NEHEP task forces or subgroups
  • Implementing evaluation programs
  • Contributing to NEI publications and activities related to NEHEP programs
  • Implementing programs and activities to expand NEHEP’s reach
Last updated: August 17, 2020