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Office of the Clinical Director

Our research

The Office of the Clinical Director coordinates, supervises and supports the conduct of intramural clinical research on the cause, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases of the visual system and fosters the translation of advances in laboratory research into clinical applications. Provides infrastructure needed to promote high quality clinical research and to ensure patient safety, including protocol review, clinical informatics, and data and safety management; (2) monitors quality assurance of the intramural clinical research program; (3) coordinates the credentialing of health care providers within the Institute; (4) administers the ophthalmology consultation service to provide ophthalmic care for patients referred from other Institutes; and; (5) coordinates and provides clinical research training for NIH staff, fellows, and students.


  1. Health care provider credentialing management and administration.
  2. Clinical care and clinical research quality assurance.
  3. Protocol management, administration, and development.
  4. Fellowship support and training.
  5. Educational support and development.
  6. Provides management and administrative support for the Eye Clinic.
  7. Provide diagnostic and testing services in support of the Clinical Intramural Research Program.

For a complete list of studies conducted through the NEI Clinical Intramural Research Program, visit the NIH Clinical Studies Database.

Last updated: June 21, 2022