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5 ways you can join us for Healthy Vision Month 2021

Join us and the National Eye Institute (NEI) for Healthy Vision Month 2021! 

This year’s theme is Eye on Health Equity. NEI is putting a spotlight on the importance of increasing diversity in the eye health field — and how that can help everyone have an equal chance for healthy vision. NEI is also sharing simple steps we can all take to protect our vision.  

Check out these 5 simple ways you can participate in Healthy Vision Month 2021: 

  • Share testimonials from diverse eye health professionals. NEI spoke with professionals about how increasing diversity and representation can improve eye health outcomes and promote health equity. Read their testimonials and share them with your network!  

  • Meet the organizations that help bring Healthy Vision Month to lifeFind organizations that are dedicated to promoting health equity and helping people protect their eye health. 

  • Spread the word about simple steps everyone can take to protect their visionCheck out NEI's sample social media messages and shareable graphics

  • Join NEI and the American Diabetes Association on May 13 at 1:30pm for a Twitter Q&A. You'll hear from leaders in the eye health and diabetes fields about the importance of protecting your eyes if you have diabetes. The Q&A will also cover some of the unique barriers to care that many patients are experiencing right now. 

  • Promote NEI's healthy vision resources. Share these resources to help everyone learn how to protect their eye health. 

Thank you in advance for your support! Together, we can work toward more equitable eye care — and help everyone learn how to protect their vision. 

Last updated: April 30, 2021