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Healthy Vision Resources

man getting an eye exam.

Healthy vision at a glance

  • Eye disease and vision loss affect millions of Americans
  • Most vision problems can be prevented by making healthy choices and using eye protection
  • Getting regular eye exams is one of the best ways to protect vision 

Millions of Americans live with eye diseases — and many don’t have any symptoms or warning signs. The good news is, there are lots of things people can do to keep their eyes healthy and protect their vision.   

We need your help in getting the word out about healthy vision. It’s important for people to know what steps they can take to keep their eyes healthy and prevent vision loss. 

Strategies for promoting healthy vision include:  

  • Getting comprehensive dilated eye exams regularly 

  • Making healthy choices like getting active, and eating healthy foods 

  • Wearing sunglasses whenever you’re outside 

Check out our featured resources

Use these resources to help us spread the word about healthy vision!

8 things you can do to protect your vision

Vision loss doesn’t have to be a normal part of getting older! There’s a lot you can do right now to prevent vision problems in the future.

Eye health trivia quiz

How much do you know about the eyes? Put your eye health knowledge to the test with our quiz!

Browse NEHEP resources

Our educational resources will help you share information about steps adults can take to protect their vision as they age. 

Hand out articles and fact sheets

Our articles and handouts make it easy to spread the word about healthy vision. You can share them online or print and hand them out in your community.  

Share infocards and infographics

These are helpful for community members, community leaders, and partner organizations. Print them out to hang in common areas or post them on your website and social media.

Watch videos and webinars

Use our videos and webinars to help people learn about healthy vision.

Be part of Healthy Vision Month in May

Join people across the country to spread the word about eye health and strategies to prevent vision loss and blindness!  

Work with the media

Partnering with local newspapers, radio stations, or TV networks is a powerful way to reach people in your community — and we have tips and ready-to-use articles that make it easy.  

Lead an information session

We have everything you need, including presentation slides and a speaker’s guide.  

Last updated: April 27, 2022