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May is Healthy Vision Month — What's Your Vision of the Future?

Yearly physical? Check. Dentist appointment? Check. But what about your eye health? 

It’s important to take care of your eyes — just like you take care of the rest of your body! Whether you’re looking forward to soaking in the view from your corner office or setting your sights on the Eiffel Tower — you can take simple steps now to make sure you’re seeing your best when that day comes. 

Healthy Vision Month is the perfect time to learn how to protect your eyes — and help prevent vision loss in the future. This year, we’re encouraging young adults ages 25 to 35 to make eye health a priority now and for years to come.  

On this site, you’ll find tips and tools to help you take control of your eye health so you can see well for a lifetime. Use our resources to:

My Vision of the Future — Social Media Campaign

Remember to join our My Vision of the Future social media campaign during Healthy Vision Month! Use #MyVisionMyFuture and the language below to share the steps you’re taking now to protect your vision in the future. 

“I ___ now so I can see ___ in the future.” #MyVisionMyFuture 

For example: I wear sunglasses now so I can see the Grand Canyon in the future. 

Last updated: June 25, 2019