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Florida Atlantic Scientists land NEI grant for tissue engineering approach

April 3, 2020
Marc Kantorow and Lisa Ann Brennan

Marc Kantorow, Ph.D., principal investigator, a professor of biomedical science, and assistant dean for graduate programs, and Lisa Ann Brennan, Ph.D., collaborator on the project and a research associate professor, FAU’s Schmidt College of Medicine. (Photo by Alex Dolce)

Marc Kantorow, Florida Atlantic University, has received a 5-year grant from NEI to identify the role of hypoxia, or lack of oxygen, to the cells and tissues in the body on the formation of the lens.  Kantorow and his team have identified hypoxia and oxygen regulation as a novel requirement for newly made lens cells to achieve their mature cellular structure and transparent visual function. They are working to identify the molecules and cellular pathways required for this critical cellular transformation.