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First funding opportunity announcements for Audacious Goals Initiative available

August 23, 2013

The National Eye Institute (NEI) has announced funding opportunities for two new high priority research areas.

Molecular Therapies for Eye Disease encourages the development of new therapies to preserve and restore sight through the control, modification, or delivery of genetic information; or through the use of small molecules or optogenetics. Proposed therapies may be directed toward any tissue(s) of the visual system. Highest priority for support under this announcement will be for preclinical and in vivo animal studies.

Intersection of Aging and Biological Mechanisms of Eye Disease encourages research projects that will investigate mechanisms underlying age-related changes in the eye and assess their impact on vision and associated brain functions, identify early biomarkers of disease, and evaluate interventions to prevent age-related eye disease. Applications may propose design-directed, developmental, discovery-driven, or hypothesis-driven research.

Please visit the Audacious Goals Initiative webpage to learn more about these funding opportunity announcements.