April 8, 2014
To learn more about AGI, please visit www.nei.nih.gov/audacious/.

To learn more about AGI, please visit www.nei.nih.gov/audacious/.

The National Eye Institute has announced a funding opportunity for imaging cells and tissues of the visual system. The announcement (RFA-EY-14-001) is the first in support of the primary goal of the NEI Audacious Goal Initiative (AGI): to regenerate neurons and neural connections in the eye and visual system.

Toward this goal, NEI is seeking new technologies that could, for example:


  • Monitor synapse assembly in the retina.
  • Non-invasively measure retinal function and structure.
  • Enable real-time measurement of retinal cell growth and regeneration.
  • Enable three-dimensional image reconstruction and analysis of the retina.
  • In fiscal year 2015, NEI intends to commit $5-6 million to fund four to six projects. Successful applicants will receive up to $700,000 per year for up to five years. The strongest applications will involve multi-disciplinary collaborations that bridge vision science with other fields such as imaging, engineering, or informatics.

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