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Procurement Opportunities

The National Eye Institute (NEI) Procurement Opportunities is a web-based system that allows NEI purchasing agents to post open market requirements for awards between $15,000 and $25,000 in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation Subpart 13.105, FAR 5.101 and 5.203.

Announcement archives

Training Course License (Closes 9/12/2023)

Lasers for Optogenetic Experiments (Closes 8/31/2023)

 NanoPhotometer® N120 TOUCH UV/Vis spectrophotometer (Closes 8/30/2023) 

Femto HCA-10M-100K Amplifier (Closes 8/30/2023)

 LTT4D Software for Optical Coherence Tomography machine (Closes 8/30/2023) 

 Service Contract for Digital PCR (Closes 8/30/2023) 

 Sliding Microtome, SM2010 R, Configured (Closes 8/30/2023)

V-Probes for Research Animals (Closes 8/30/2023

Metro Rack Covers (Closes 2/12/2022)

Repair of ETC Bulk Autoclave (Closing 2/8/2022)

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Upgrade (Closes 1/8/2022)

Animal Caging Supplies for the Central rack cover for the Animal Facilities (Closes: 12/23/2021) 

Programmable Logic Controller Unit Repair and Replacement (Closes: 09/05/2021)

Photosensor Modules(Closes: 08/29/21)

Transport Container Sterilization Services (Closes: 08/14/21)

Database Download for Clinical Diagnostics and Research Purpose (Closes: 08/11/21)

Production of Larvae Expressing Tyrp2 Mutants, C30S and C61W to Purify Tyrp2 Mutant Proteins (Closes: 08/09/21)

Decontamination Supplies for the Animal Care Facility (Closes: 08/06/21)

N2 and B27 Supplements (Closes: 07/26/21)

Multiclamp 700B Systems (Closes 07/26/21)

475NM Laser and Accessories (Closes: 07/26/21)

Perfusion Switcher (Closes: 07/26/21)

Probes (Closes: 07/18/21)

Data Acquisition Systems and Probes (Closes: 07/16/21)

Equipment Service Maintenance Contract (Closes: 07/12/21)

Upgrade of UV Sterilizers Aquatic Systems (Closes: 06/16/21)

Benchtop Broadband Light Source (Closes: 04/29/21)

Sensory Unit (Closes: 01/03/21)

Cage Replacement (Closes: 12/13/20)

Data Acquisition and Control System and Accessories (Closes: 09/13/20)

Digitizer (Closes: 08/31/20)

Decontamination Supplies for the Animal Care Facility (Closes: 08/24/20)

Metagenomic Sequencing and Bioinformatic Analyses Service (Closes 08/16/20)

V Probes (Closes 08/16/20)

Punching Tool (Closes 08/14/20)

Replacement Fish Tank (Closes: 07/24/20)

MicroBulk Liquid Nitrogen Delivery and Maintenance (Closes: 03/20/20)

APD Controller Fabrication and Integration (Closes 12/26/19)

Purchase of 10 Yucatan Mini-Swine (Closes 12/10/19)

Fiberglass Primate Gray Tray and Molding (Closes: 08/26/18)

Purchase of Cell Separator and Multi-24 Column Block (Closes: 08/23/18)

Purchase of Custom Modified Photocathods Module to Upgrade Existing Adaptive Optics Instrument (Closes 08/08/2019)

Purchase Ultra Compact Laser (Closes 07/22/19)

Purchase of Oil Hydraulic Microdrives (Closes 07/22/19)

Cryogenic Freezer for Cryostorage (Closes 07/05/19)

PET Membrane Chip for Macular Edema on a Chip Study (Closes 05/31/19)

Primate Eye Tracking Equipment and Accessories (Closes: 04/16/19)

MicroBulk Liquid Nitrogen Delivery and Maintenance (Closes 04/19/19)

Angiography Module to Upgrade Existing Government Equipment (Closes: 03/30/19)

Maintenance Agreement for a Government-owned Confocal Microscope (Closes: 03/31/19)


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Last updated: December 28, 2021