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Procurement Opportunities

The National Eye Institute (NEI) Procurement Opportunities is a web-based system that allows NEI purchasing agents to post open market requirements for awards between $15,000 and $25,000 in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation Subpart 13.105, FAR 5.101 and 5.203.

Current requirements for NEI

Announcement archives

 Microscope Service Plan (Closing December 13, 2023)

NAN System for Electrophysiological Recordings (Closes 10/10/2023)

Training Course License (Closes 9/12/2023)

Lasers for Optogenetic Experiments (Closes 8/31/2023)

 NanoPhotometer® N120 TOUCH UV/Vis spectrophotometer (Closes 8/30/2023) 

Femto HCA-10M-100K Amplifier (Closes 8/30/2023)

 LTT4D Software for Optical Coherence Tomography machine (Closes 8/30/2023) 

 Service Contract for Digital PCR (Closes 8/30/2023) 

 Sliding Microtome, SM2010 R, Configured (Closes 8/30/2023)

V-Probes for Research Animals (Closes 8/30/2023

Metro Rack Covers (Closes 2/12/2022)

Repair of ETC Bulk Autoclave (Closing 2/8/2022)

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Upgrade (Closes 1/8/2022)

Animal Caging Supplies for the Central rack cover for the Animal Facilities (Closes: 12/23/2021) 

Programmable Logic Controller Unit Repair and Replacement (Closes: 09/05/2021)

Photosensor Modules(Closes: 08/29/21)

Transport Container Sterilization Services (Closes: 08/14/21)

Database Download for Clinical Diagnostics and Research Purpose (Closes: 08/11/21)

Production of Larvae Expressing Tyrp2 Mutants, C30S and C61W to Purify Tyrp2 Mutant Proteins (Closes: 08/09/21)

Decontamination Supplies for the Animal Care Facility (Closes: 08/06/21)

N2 and B27 Supplements (Closes: 07/26/21)

Multiclamp 700B Systems (Closes 07/26/21)

475NM Laser and Accessories (Closes: 07/26/21)

Perfusion Switcher (Closes: 07/26/21)

Probes (Closes: 07/18/21)

Data Acquisition Systems and Probes (Closes: 07/16/21)

Equipment Service Maintenance Contract (Closes: 07/12/21)

Upgrade of UV Sterilizers Aquatic Systems (Closes: 06/16/21)

Benchtop Broadband Light Source (Closes: 04/29/21)

Sensory Unit (Closes: 01/03/21)

Cage Replacement (Closes: 12/13/20)

Data Acquisition and Control System and Accessories (Closes: 09/13/20)

Digitizer (Closes: 08/31/20)

Decontamination Supplies for the Animal Care Facility (Closes: 08/24/20)

Metagenomic Sequencing and Bioinformatic Analyses Service (Closes 08/16/20)

V Probes (Closes 08/16/20)

Punching Tool (Closes 08/14/20)

Replacement Fish Tank (Closes: 07/24/20)

MicroBulk Liquid Nitrogen Delivery and Maintenance (Closes: 03/20/20)

APD Controller Fabrication and Integration (Closes 12/26/19)

Purchase of 10 Yucatan Mini-Swine (Closes 12/10/19)

Fiberglass Primate Gray Tray and Molding (Closes: 08/26/18)

Purchase of Cell Separator and Multi-24 Column Block (Closes: 08/23/18)

Purchase of Custom Modified Photocathods Module to Upgrade Existing Adaptive Optics Instrument (Closes 08/08/2019)

Purchase Ultra Compact Laser (Closes 07/22/19)

Purchase of Oil Hydraulic Microdrives (Closes 07/22/19)

Cryogenic Freezer for Cryostorage (Closes 07/05/19)

PET Membrane Chip for Macular Edema on a Chip Study (Closes 05/31/19)

Primate Eye Tracking Equipment and Accessories (Closes: 04/16/19)

MicroBulk Liquid Nitrogen Delivery and Maintenance (Closes 04/19/19)

Angiography Module to Upgrade Existing Government Equipment (Closes: 03/30/19)

Maintenance Agreement for a Government-owned Confocal Microscope (Closes: 03/31/19)


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Last updated: December 28, 2021